Better Off Bald By Andrea Wilson Woods

Synopsis: Adrienne Wilson is a depressed, suicidal teenager — until the day she receives a diagnosis of stage IV liver cancer.

As Adrienne’s legal guardian, Andrea acts as her parent, sister, friend, and guide. In Better Off Bald: A life in 147 days, Andrea Wilson Woods tells a brilliant, touching story that captures the reader’s heart and attention with clarity and grit.

This emotional true story is a beautifully written, insightful, page-turning book on how we connect as humans and why life—no matter how truncated—is worth living.

Among smiles and tears, this heartwarming and heartbreaking memoir will touch your soul and change your life.

Pick up your copy of this inspiring book today.

This was a sad but yet heartwarming story about a young girl battling a terminal diagnosis of stage IV liver cancer. We can learn a lot from Adrienne during her battle with this disease. She never let the side effects from the cancer treatments get her down mentally and emotionally. I wish that this story had a better ending but sadly Adrienne lost her battle to cancer. If you have lost loved ones to cancer, battling cancer, or survived cancer yourself then this will be a rough story for you to read.

You and Me and Us By Alison Hammer

Synopsis: Alexis Gold knows how to put the “work” in working mom. It’s the “mom” part that she’s been struggling with lately. Since opening her own advertising agency three years ago, Alexis has all but given up on finding a good work/life balance.

Instead, she’s handed over the household reins to her supportive, loving partner, Tommy. While he’s quick to say they divide and conquer, Alexis knows that Tommy does most of the heavy lifting — especially when it comes to their teenage daughter Cece.

Their world changes in an instant when Tommy receives a terminal cancer diagnosis, and Alexis realizes everything she’s worked for doesn’t matter without him. So Alexis does what Tommy has done for her almost everyday since they were twelve-year-old kids in Destin, Florida — she puts him first. And when the only thing Tommy wants is to spend one last summer together at “their” beach, she puts her career on hold to make it happen…even if it means putting her family within striking distance of Tommy’s ex, an actress Cece idolizes.

But Alexis and Tommy aren’t the one whose lives have been turned inside out. In addition to dealing with the normal ups and downs that come with being a teenager, Cece is also forced to confront her feelings about Tommy’s illness — and what will happen when the one person who’s always been there for her is gone. When the magic of first love brings a bright spot to her summer, Cece is determined not to let her mother ruin that for her, too.

As Cece’s behavior becomes rebellious, Alexis realizes the only thing harder for her than losing Tommy will be convincing Cece to give her one more chance.

You and Me and Us is a beautifully written novel that examines the unexpected ways loss teaches us how to love.

I’ve lost loved ones to cancer but never a parent, I have little cousins who lost their dad at a very young age to cancer when he was 36. I know this book may relate to them when they are older so I’m glad this author wrote this book so that children like my little cousins who lost their parents to cancer can relate to the character Cece. If you have lost a parent or spouse to cancer I recommend you read this book, even though it’s a fictional book you can still relate to the characters Alexis and Cece. As for readers like myself who don’t know what it’s like to be in their shoes I pray that never happens.


Sorry for the lack of posting the last few months. I’ve been packing to move back home to Texas from Missouri. I’ve been home in Texas for a month so I’ll be slowly getting back to posting as things are still hectic while my mom and I find us a rental home but in the meantime we are staying at my aunt’s house.

Live By Sadie Robertson

Synopsis: There’s a big difference between being alive and knowing how to live. To be alive is something that happens to you. But to truly live is something you get to choose each day. As Robertson says, “When you truly learn to live the life God offers, your whole existence becomes a verb.”

In Live, Sadie Robertson inspires us to thrive in the life God have us by making choices that will lead us into the fullness He has for us, not into the emptiness the world offers. With photography and captivating design, Live shows us how we can find a rich and rewarding life when we choose to whole heartedly embrace God’s ways and God’s truth. Moments of decision greet everyone, sometimes on a more-than-daily basis.

Some of those decisions are minor and others are life altering, but all serve as stepping-stones to peace, joy, and fullness or to disappointment and emptiness. Sadie is passionate about inspiring a generation to live in that fullness everyday.

The book includes material on overcoming jealousy, finding confidence, dealing with haters, waiting on God, living in the moment, discovering the power of words, and knowing how to tell the difference between what leads to life and what leads to death — so young people can make the best choices.

Whether you have a longtime relationship with God or are new to faith, Live is a joyful encouragement to make the most of each moment, to make wise decisions, and to always seek the truth of God’s word. Filled with stories and biblical principles, Live celebrates what everyone has in common — the opportunity to not simply be alive but to truly live.

Growing up I had a rough childhood including being kidnapped by my father twice. My parents had joint custody of my brother and I, when it came time to return us to our mother after his weekend/summer visits he failed to do so. The first time I knew God was there to protect me and return me to my mother, but the second time I was in fear that he wouldn’t return us.

Throughout these last 26 years of my life I have had to face fear on multiple occasions starting with the kidnappings to my latest occasion with my ex neighbor attempting to kill his wife in a domestic violence situation. In most of the occasions that I had with fear I knew that God would be there to keep me safe. In the book “Live” Sadie talks about how we should befriend fear instead of keeping fear our enemy.

We can either face fear and let it build up our courage so we can move on with our lives, or let it control us and keep us from moving on with our lives.

Fear Is My Homeboy By Judi Holler

Synopsis: In Fear Is My Homeboy, author Judi Holler has a message: It’s time to stop letting fear boss you around so you can start leveling up personally and professionally. This is a book for people who believe that they deserve more. Holler focuses on helping the reader shut down self-doubt so they can start taking action. After reading this book promises that you will get braver, bolder, and more confident in your natural-born badassery.

Inspired by her improv theatre background at The Second City Training Center’s conservatory in Chicago and building off her decade of speaking, sales, and marketing experience, in addition to her current role as a business owner, Holler’s book is your own personal life coach and cheerleader. In it she shares valuable, actionable advice on how to accept and even embrace fear, so readers can start to live more balanced, successful, and fulfilling lives. Holler’s mission: to stop fear from stealing your opportunities so you can start connecting in powerful and profitable ways.

I rate this book a five out of five stars!!!

I first experienced fear when my biological father and ex girlfriend kidnapped me when I was only five years old and my parents had been divorced for less than a year. Ever since my first childhood traumatic event, I have lived in fear and survival mode for the last twenty years. This book is helping me break that mindset that has kept me trapped all these years. I never thought I would be able to get the courage to make my own choices, opinions, and decisions. I recommend this book to anyone who walking through fear whether that is an abusive situation, school, chasing your dreams etc.

As My Mind Unwinds By Jennifer Ervig

Synopsis: It’s edgy. It’s bold. It hurts, but it’s also encouraging. AND, it’s posing as a devotional! Oh, you’ll be devoted when you’re done alright! Each chapter is a different take on something the author’s mind has unwound about over the years as a Christian. She takes you on a journey as she reconciles those unwindings to Christ and who He is.

I gave this book a five out of five stars!!!

This is my review of the book: I absolutely love this book and recommend it to anyone going through a dark time in their life and or anxiety or anything stressful. Before I knew about this book and the author, I was going through a dark time in my life and if it was not for this book I would still be in my dark time. I am getting ready to do a stressful but exciting move across two states back to the south from living in the Midwest for the last six years. It calms me to know that God puts us through stressful events for a reason and that we will always come out of the trials stronger. This book has changed my perspective on everything bad that has happened to me over the last twenty-six years of my life.

Chronic Love by Brooke Bartz

Just finished reading this amazing book about chronic illnesses and Christianity. Synopsis: Jesus told us we would face perilous trials and that even our bodies would feel the effects of the Fall. For women dealing with chronic illness, most books offer quick-fix counseling or devotional verses taken out of context, helpful only for momentary encouragement.
For true and lasting comfort we must dig deeper into God’s Word and the context in which those much-used passages were written.

In Chronic Love, Brooke Bartz reveals a deeply raw and descriptive account of life with a chronic and debilitating illness, and she shares with readers how comfort and strength can be found through the Truth in God’s Word.

Live Fearless

This book changed my life for the better as I had been living in fear for most of my life until now. Fear is a liar and I’m excited to finally prove it wrong. My chains are gone and I’ve been set free. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is experiencing fear. I’ve read a lot of things about fear and listened to songs about fear but none of them helped like this book.

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