The Reality of The Phantasm World

The Reality of The Phantasm World


Madelaine Chaproll

Synopsis: Although she hadn’t encountered it before, Margot recognized love straight away. She was able to sense its infiniteness even through the confused fog in her mind. But the more she tried to find protection in love, the more her longed for lover distanced himself from her. Thomas, meanwhile, had no idea that his decision to run away would eventually lead both of them to the point of no return.

Thomas Bernhard is a talented artist who enjoys a comfortable and financially secure existence well within the bounds of social convention. Although he is aware of the superficiality of human relationships, it is not something that bothers him — he sees it rather as a sign of the fast-paced times we live in. But just as his marriage with Ellen starts heading towards a crisis, he meets Margot, a college student of his Russian friend Irina. At first glance it seems as though the artist and student are soulmates; they feel an instant connection to one another and enter into a new relationship that leads them to see and understand the world in a completely new light.

Thomas decides to invite Margot on vacation to his villa in Narbonne, where they will be able to enjoy their fledgling love in secret. Surrounded by the beautiful scenery of the South of France, the lovers experience many moments of happiness more intense than they have ever known. But fate has an awful blow in store for them: a terrible, secret illness turns the beautiful Margot into a person from whom Thomas, to his horror, finds he must separate himself immediately. Misery takes the helm from joy, steering both lovers’ lives towards a bitter, calamitous end.

Honestly, this book was confusing for me to read at the beginning but the more I read the more it made sense to me. This was definitely an interesting read and the ending was definitely not what I was expecting.

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