Lake Roland

A Novel By: C. Roloson Reese

Published: 2021

Synopsis: Some childhood mysteries cast long shadows. Tom O’Malley spent a lifetime trying to escape the one covering his world. His idyllic childhood with his inseparable pal, Mark, is upended when his friend mysteriously disappears one night. Mark’s whereabouts become a decades-long unsolvable question that haunts Tom’s world as he copes with and later overcomes the bitterness of a friendship’s baffling evaporation. The anguish he experiences prepares him well for a world filled with uncertainties, not the least of which includes love and redemption.

I love the mystery aspect of this book and how it shows that love conquers all. This book was a book that was hard for me to put down as it kept my focus the whole way through.

Published by brittanybear715

Book Influencer

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