The Sweetest Days By John Hough Jr.

Published: June 2021

Trigger Warning: Abortion, Death, and Incest

Synopsis: Pete and Jackie Hatch have been together for decades; they were high school sweehearts, though they didn’t marry until years after an explosive incident at the end of senior year broke them apart. Now in their sixties, with their only daughter grown, and facing scary news about Jackie’s health, they travel to their Cape Cod hometown for Pete’s first book signing. But a disastrous encounter with an old schoolmate brings their long marriage to the breaking point an forces them to revisit the long – ago event that changed the trajectory of their lives.

Exceptionally moving, and told with richness and delicacy, The Sweetest Days is an insightful portrait of a couple in it for the long haul, and of the deepest feelings, both tender and fierce, that are held in the wake of an enduring marriage.

What I love about this book is that it shows that love really does conquer all problems in relationships and marriages.

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