Reflections On The Nature Of Friendship

Synopsis: Reflections On The Nature Of Friendship is a rich, nuanced journey that delves deeply into the fascinating and complex world of friendship. Psychologist and world-traveler Dr. Daniel Cantor Yalowitz takes readers on a carefully narrated tour into the heart of what human beings need and bring into their chosen relationships. Reflections examines what makes friendships work, thrive, and connect people with one another. Using quotes across place, time, and culture, this book includes salient and seminal chapters on Identity, Longing, and Belonging, Boundaries, and more, including three case studies that explore primary friendships within the author’s life. Using examples from literature, poetry, film, and music, Dr. Yalowitz brings deeper understanding about building stronger, healthier, and sustainable friendships.

I never knew how much I needed this book till I started reading it as growing up I’ve gained friends and lost friends throughout my life but mostly lost friends as I did not know till now how to keep a healthy friendship going. This book captured and kept my attention by teaching me all about the ins and outs of having a healthy friendship. I wish this book had been written years ago cause growing up in a toxic family I was not taught or shown how healthy friendships are supposed to be.

This is a book I will keep forever as a reference guide to improving my friendships and making new healthy friendships with others. I believe this is a book that everyone needs to get for multiple reasons. I highly recommend this book to anyone who either wants to improve their friendships, make new friendships, or just want to know more in depth about friendships.

To the author, thank you so much for writing this book for people like me who struggle with keeping friendships either close or long term this book has changed my life and mindset about friendships for ever!!! Also thank you for this amazing opportunity to review your book for you.

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