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The Road Remembered By Kaye D. Schmitz

In the final months of World War II, Sam Ryan takes his place as a new soldier in the 89th Infrantry Division on the front lines in Europe. He;s trained to kill but struggles with the thought of taking the life of another human being, a contradiction with the way he was raised. In early 1945, however, he has no choice. It’s kill or be killed. How, he wonders, will he ever reconcile the action his head dictates with the way his heart feels about it?

With his life on the line every second, he marches into battle after battle through mountainous terrain in ankle deep mud and icy winds, made more treacherous by ongoing fatigue and constant hunger. He finds comfort in the unbreakable bond formed with his fellow soldiers as they drive the Germans back and open the road to Berlin. But their solidarity is shattered when they meet their new lieutenant, who, time after time, takes the war into his own hands and commits acts that break every rule of engagement Sam and his bond of buddies ever learned.

On the other side of war, Gerda Ziegler’s heart aches over the monster her beloved Germany has become. But she confronts the Nazi soldiers who guard the Jewish-only sector in Zwickau to deliver bread from her family’s bakery for her best friend, roughly herded through the gates the previous afternoon. Gerda is appalled to learn that a Jewish baby will be killed because of a large birthmark on his face and her friend pleads with her to save him fro certain death. So at the risk of her own execution, Gerda whisks the child away in her bakery cart. Her heart soars and she wants to do more, to smuggle more children to safety. But will she really be able to get away with such acts of treason right under the noses of the brutal Nazis?

Sam and Gerda both face their enemies head-on, but they also battle internal elements on their own sides of the fighting that violate their shared values of humanity. Even though they meet under the worst circumstances they find a way to help each other through the trauma of war.


Head Shot By Otho Eskimo

Washington, D.C. homicide detective Marko Zorn is investigating the murder of an actress—an old love—when he is assigned to protect the visiting prime minister of Montenegro, the beautiful Nina Voychek.

Political enemies are planning her assassination—this, he knows—but now it’s apparent that he, too, is the target. As he foils the initial attempts on his life, he pulls out all stops—deploying his sometimes nefarious resources—to hunt whoever is targeting him and prevent an international tragedy on American soil.

Decoded messages, Supermax prisoner interviews, mafia lawyers, and an ancient Black Mountain curse swirl among the icons of D.C. Maro and his young partner, Lucy, face down what may be multiple assassins with diverging agendas. Or are they facing one assassin—the deadliest and most elusive on the international stage?

This was such a great book that it ended up only taking me a week to read the it. This book definitely had multiple twists and turns that kept my attention throughout this whole book.

The World Played Chess By Robert Dugoni

In 1979, Vincent Bianco has just graduated high school. His only desire: collect a little beer money and enjoy his final summer before college. So he lands a job as a laborer on a construction crew. Working alongside two Vietnam vets, one suffering from PTSD, Vincent gets the education of a lifetime. Now forty years later, with his own son leaving for college, the lessons of that summer-Vincent’s last taste of innocence and first taste of real life-dramatically unfold in a novel about breaking away, shaping a life, and seeking one’s destiny.

This is definitely a book that I think everyone should read. This book opened my eyes up on the Vietnam War. My grandfather is a Vietnam vet and growing up he educated me on what he went through in the war. I grew up watching the home made videos he has of the war at every holiday and family get together. What education I had about this war was blown away after reading this novel.

Serpent Rising By Victor Acquista

Serena Mendez is haunted and she is hunted…

Ever since her great aunt left her alone in a cave when she was ten, Serena Mendez has been haunted by the traumatic incident. Now she’s an unemployed, pill-popping twenty-one year old suffering from nightmares and PTSD. When her psychiatrist suggests she visit her great aunt to get to the root cause of her ailment, she reluctantly agrees it’s time to confront the past.

Accompanied by her geeky friend Bryson, they travel to a Navajo Reservation to meet with her great aunt and return to the cave where it all began. But what she discovers points to an ancient conflict between the Illuminati and a Luminarian sect with origins to Atlantis—and she appears to be at the center of it all. With more questions than answers and only a handful of clues, Serena embarks on a mystical journey across six continents to learn more.

But sinister forces oppose her. Pursued by a powerful enemy, Serena must evade capture and fulfill her true destiny. Can she expose dark secrets and a hidden conspiracy? Or will those who wish to remain in the shadows find her first?

I love the mystery of this book, it kept my attention the whole time I read the book. If you love mystery books then you’ll love this book just like I did.

What Passes As Love By Trisha R. Thomas

1850. I was six years old the day Lewis Holt came to take me away.

Born into slavery. Dahlia never knew her mother—or what happened to her. When Dahlia’s father, the owner of Vesterville plantation, takes her to wrk in his home as a servant, she’s desperately lonely. Forced to leave behind her best friend, Bo, she lives in a world between black and white, belonging to neither.

Ten years later, Dahlia meets Timothy Ross, an Englishman in need of a wife. Reinventing herself as Lily Dove, Dahlia allows Timothy to believe she’s white, with no family to speak of, and agrees to marry him. She knows the danger of being found out. She also knows the danger of being found out. She also knows she’ll never have this chance again.

Ensconced in the Ross mansion, Dahlia soon finds herself held captive in a different way—as the dutiful wife of a young man who has set his sights on a political future. But when Bo arrives on the estate in shackles, Dahlia decides to risk everything to save his life. With suspicions of her true identity growing and a bounty hunter not far behind, Dahlia must act fast or pay a devastating price.

Sex Talk By Dr. Stephen A. Furlich

As one ages from fetal development through to senior adulthood, biological transformations are tracked regarding the impact from these development that are associated with gender communication changes. Brain and sex hormonal differences are thoroughly covered with regards to influences with gender communication differences. Specific applications of these findings are presented to help readers better understand and communicate with others personally and professionally.

Sex Talk provides precise and accurate accounts for understanding gender communication. This precision and accuracy comes from a combination of social science research and biological and neuroscience research, all of which stem from rigorous scientific research investigations. This book provides information to help readers better understand themselves and others; readers will be able to strategically communicate more effectively, and gain the ability to change the biological physiology of themselves and others through exhibited communication behaviors. Sex Talk can benefit all readers from teens to senior citizens when interacting with friends, families, and other relationships, along with helping to advance their careers through strategic communication.

A reader can open to any chapter and gain valuable insight without the need to read this book in order. Every reader can learn something valuable for their own lives. This book proves with absolute certainty that biological sex influences gender communication differences!

One of my favorite things I learned while reading this book is why some men are color blind LOL!!! I definitely recommend reading this book its very interesting and educational.

Kalayla By Jeannie Nicholas

Race, sexuality, abuse, love and forgiveness are interwoven as characters in Kalayla reveal themselves. We meet three families, one Irish, one Italian and one black, confronting the legacy of the past within the context of life in 1999 Cambridge, MA.

Kalayla—a feisty bi-racial 11 year old loner whose world implodes when she discovers her parents belong in he Guinness Book of World Records for being “The World’s Biggest Liars” about her mother’s family.

Maureen—Kalayla’s mother cocoons herself in art projects, deflecting the pain of her parent’s rejection. Her husband’s sudden death catapults her into life as a single mother raising a rebellious, incomprehensible daughter.

Lena—their landlady, financially successful, seventy-two years old, wears only black, and lives in a fourth-floor walk-up apartment. Lena is tormented by memories of the dead – her twin sons and husband, and the living – two sons from whom she is estranged.

Anyone who has experienced the angularities, rigid pockets and soft spots of family life can take hope from reading Kalayla which shows that pathways for change do exist – and if we choose to, we can find them.

Trigger Warning: Attempted Rape, Domestic Violance, and Racism.

Her Perfect Life By Hank Phillippi Ryan

Everyone knows Lily Atwood—and that may be her biggest problem. The beloved television reporter has it all—fame, fortune, Emmys, an adorable seven-year-old daughter, and the hashtag her loving fans created: #PerfectLily. To keep it, all she has to do is protect one life-changing secret: her own.

Lily has an anonymous source who feeds her story tips—but suddenly, the source begins telling Lily inside information about her own life. How does he—or she—know the truth?

No one reveals a secret unless they have a reason. Lily understands that. But why is someone determined to destroy the world she has built for herself—and with it, everyone and everything she holds dear?

Turns out, the spotlight may be the most dangerous place of all. Hafar will Lily go to keep her perfect life?

I absolutely loved reading this book!!! If you love mystery books then you will love this one too. It took me only a week to read this as it’s that interesting of a book I couldn’t put it down enough. This book is definitely a 10/10!!!